Buy 1:2 Luminous Cartridge UK 0.5g



Buy 1:2 Luminous Cartridge UK 0.5g

Buy 1:2 Luminous Cartridge UK 0.5g Online.  Luminous 1:2 – LucidMood’s High CBD Product for Stress and Anxiety

As Dr. Tristan Watkins says “There are no strains, there are only terpenes.” With this in mind, LucidMood created a line of custom cannabis blends using only active cannabinoids and terpenes as ingredients, never fillers, to deliver an accurate and consistent effect each and every time.

Good for:
Staying calm
Sneaking a hit on that long conference call
Taking a personal moment
Dealing with boredom
Relieving anxiety

LUMINOUS utilizes the emotionally calming terpene Geraniol to ensure you have a moment to take a deep breath. Get high, but only a little high.

Consider LUMINOUS your own personal anxiety armour. With the perfect combination of CBD, THC, and terpenes like Geraniol, this vape will give you the feeling of taking a moment to stop and smell roses. Moments are what we all need right now, so try LUMINOUS to help calm your overactive mind.



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